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SSKANZ Instructors

If you want to be the best, you've got to train with the best. We have achieved excellent results nationally and internationally because of our high calibre coaches.


Kenyu Mabuni

Shitoryu Kentokukan is an Auckland based dojo that trains directly under Soke Kenyu Mabuni.

“Ken” (賢) in the name of the club, was given to the dojo by the Soke himself It 


comes from the names of the previous and current Soke (Kenwa, Kenei and Kenyu).

“Toku" (德) is from Johnny Ling Sensei's middle name who is the founder and head of Sensei of Kentokukan.

Johnny Ling Sensei's original style is Shotokan but learned Shitoryu in the year 2002 when he went for his WKF judge exam. He first learnt Seinchin and Bassai Dai. Johnny Ling Sensei was introduced to Shitoryu by Con Kassis Sensei who introduced him to Kenei and Kenyu Mabuni.

Presently, the club competes in WKF tournaments using the full set of Shitoryu Kata. Mabuni Soke and Hasegawa Katsuhide Sensei support the tournament training and reinforce Shitoryu Kihon for Kentokukan.

Kentokukan produced the first book for Soke Kenyu Mabuni in 2021. Our club is humbled to be selected by him to write this book for the honour of the style.


Kentokukan Black Belts

There has been a rise of karate competitions globally especially with competitors excelling in the style of Shitoryu. This book aims to promote the modern way of performing Shitoryu competition kata. It serves as a guideline for the kata: Chibana no Kushanku and Papuren.

The techniques in this book are from the current Shitoryu Soke, Kenyu Mabuni.

It is important to educate competition karateka to do the proper Shitoryu way of both kata. This is the first book to introduce Chibana no Kushanku and Papuren in the world of sports Karate.

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